Advantages of advertising with us

Reach has become the first port of call for so many people interested in a wide variety of activities – from news to catching up with friends – and it offers advertisers an unrivalled reach in terms of audience size.
There are close on four million internet users in Ireland, representing 80 per cent of the population, and this offers businesses magnificent opportunities to extensively and cost effectively promote their businesses.

Brand building
Advertising on has a very positive, long-term branding impact, encouraging users to act long after they’ve seen an advert. In a modern, fast-paced editorial environment that immediately engages users, you’ve got a great recipe for delivering real results.

Relevance enables businesses of all sizes to reach the audience that is most likely to be interested in their products or services.
Option examples include:
Contextual – related to what you are specifically looking at or for
Demographic – an age bracket or a particular region that you wish to target
Behavioural – based upon previous interests and preferences
Location-based – where you are at that moment in time

Creativity has evolved to create a rich landscape of digital disciplines and using our online newspaper to promote your business can deliver all sorts of interactive and lucrative options. Of uttermost importance is the fact that our advertising model fits into consumers’ lives like no other medium – on the commute, at work, at home, on a train and even at the beach.

Engagement offers an interactive and utterly dynamic advertising platform. It is contextual and real-time, so once it’s got the readers’ attention, it really keeps them engaged, offering them not only choice of format but choice of how much they want to participate.

Since we’re spending so much time being social online, there are huge opportunities for businesses and brands to engage, as long as they complement the experience and emit a relevant message.

Unique to is its ability to show activity throughout the entire online consumer journey. Common activities include sales, the number of times an advert is displayed, the number of times people click on an advert to visit a website and social media likes and follows.

For advertisers, interactivity makes for an incredibly engaging, immersive experience for consumers.’s creative display advertising – designed by our ace graphics department – can certainly deliver an effective and impressive brand message but the important thing is that it works – every time.

Real Time lets you see results as they happen and adjust your advertising activity in real time. This unique ability is unbelievably powerful, yet so simple to use as you can launch a campaign and see the reaction of consumers within minutes.
You can also edit and change the advert to improve the results while the campaign is live. No other advertising medium can offer such flexibility.
If you want to hear more, just call us. We’re all in this together and we’re here to help.