31 dog warden patrols in Killarney last year

Dog lying on mat by newspaper

Dog and litter wardens employed by Kerry County Council carried out a total of 135 patrols in the 11-month period from January to November last year and enforcement officers will continue to carry out inspections in towns, beaches and amenity areas with a view to reducing the level of dog fouling in public areas.

A total of 31 of the patrols last year were in the Killarney area where the wardens met with dog walkers and asked them how they dispose of their dog’s waste.

Mutt Mitts to clean up after dogs are provided in some popular walking areas in Killarney

They also ensured that the dogs are under effectual control and explained the new beach bye laws introduced in June 2022.

Council records show that during the patrols the enforcement officers spoke with a total of 450 dog owners.

“These joint patrols will continue over the coming months in known or reported problem areas and if members are aware of any specific problem areas, they can contact the environment section who will include these in the scheduled visits,” a council spokesperson said.

The number of dog licences issued in Kerry between January and November 2022 was 14,789.

A total of 58 fines were issued and 116 dogs were rehomed by the local authority.

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