54% said town was attractive

The survey has highlighted public perceptions about Tralee

JUST over half of those who responded to a major new survey to identify strengths and opportunities in Tralee felt that the town was an attractive place.

The findings of the Tralee Town Centre Health Check survey, involving a number of agencies working together, was launched today by the Minister of State for Housing and Urban Renewal, Damien English.

It revealed people’s impressions of the town’s shopping and eating options along with parking and entertainment facilities and it found that shoppers and business owners felt the town would benefit from an improved public realm, more parking and more shops.

The report will help to guide plans for the future management and revitalisation of the town.

Mayor Norma Foley: baseline study

The survey findings included:
* 59% of respondents were in the town centre to shop on the day the survey was taken
* 60% shop in Tralee out of habit and convenience and just 8% for the selection of shops
* 54% think the town is attractive
* 38% think parking facilities in the town are poor
* 77% think there is a good selection of cafés and restaurants in Tralee
* 78% of the business respondents felt that shopping is the main thing that attracts people to the town centre
* 46% think that parking is the most important improvement that could be made
* 55% expect trading to improve over the next two years and 64% would contribute to a marketing fund to attract people

Mayor of Tralee, Cllr Norma Foley, said the report was a positive and constructive basis on which Tralee town centre can be further enhanced and promoted.

“This was a truly collaborative baseline survey involving the town’s key strategic partners and it gives us a great framework for taking stock of Tralee’s many assets. We must be equipped with this sort of data to build for the future,” she said.

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