A gross lack of respect for the dead

The damaged old couch that was dumped in Aghadoe Cemetery

A NEW low in illegal dumping has been experienced in Killarney.

A worn and torn old couch has been dumped in Aghadoe Cemetery, right alongside family graves, and it has caused huge distress for families visiting the resting places of loved ones.

Given its size, it is clear that the couch had to be transported in a van or truck to the cemetery and it is likely that it would have taken more than one person to lift it from the vehicle and dump it on a pathway alongside graves.

It is the latest in an ongoing series of dumping scandals in the burial ground and there have already been calls for surveillance cameras to be erected in an attempt to put a stop to the mindless activity and to identify the culprits.

The matter was recently raised at a meeting of the Killarney Municipal District Council by Cllr Brendan Cronin who remarked: “These individuals are showing such a lack of respect and it is so upsetting for families of people buried there.”

He added: “It’s actually appalling and what does it say about the state of mind of those responsible?”

In a bid to curb the dumping problem, Kerry County Council removed a skip that had been in the cemetery and replaced it with a large wheelie bin that is being emptied on a more regular basis.

The council is consulting with the graveyard committee to establish the most suitable way to collect waste generated in the graveyard.

The illegal dumping is being investigated by the council’s environment section and it the problem continues, surveillance measures will be considered.

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