Air ambulance tasked to over 100 Kerry emergencies last year

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Rally drivers from across Ireland will help bring critical and advanced medical care to communities across the country when they race through the woods in Kerry this month. 

For the second year in a row, the charity that operates the Irish Community Air Ambulance has been announced as the beneficiary of the Killarney Forestry Rally which takes place in Castleisland on Sunday, February 19. 

Dr Jason Horan and Dr Lisa Cunningham of the Irish Community Air Ambulance

The event is the first round of the Irish Forestry Championships and is organised by Killarney and District Motor Club. 

The Irish Community Air Ambulance was launched as Ireland’s first and only charity Air Ambulance in 2019. It has a strong network of volunteer emergency medicine doctors and volunteer Emergency medical responders with additional doctors set to join the team in the coming months. 

The charity’s resources were tasked to 1,000 incidents during 2022, many of which were road traffic incidents.

The organisation works in partnership with the National Ambulance Service and was tasked to more than 110 emergencies in Kerry last year. 

Irish Community Air Ambulance volunteers

The CEO of the Irish Community Air Ambulance, Micheál Sheridan, said the ambulance is often called to road traffic incidents and fundraising events like this help them to bring hope to people when time is critical.

“On average, 18 per cent of all taskings in the past three years have been to road traffic-related incidents. This year our focus is on expanding our network of volunteer Critical care and advanced doctors into more communities across the country,” he said.

“We have seen just how important pre-hospital emergency care is when a person is critically ill or injured. We provide our volunteer doctors with the equipment they need to be able to carry out complex procedures at the scene of an emergency,” Mr Sheridan added.

It costs the service €25,000 to establish a volunteer doctor in the community and €120,000 to put a new critical care response vehicle on the road. Everyone reads it – ask anyone. Call 087-2229761 to advertise