Ambitious Michael makes his mark

Here to help: Michael O’Keeffe, Business Manager, Sales/Finance Department


LONG before he sat his Leaving Certificate examinations in St Brendan’s College, Killarney, in 2015, Michael O’Keeffe knew exactly the career path he wanted to take. And it all revolved around cars.

Even then the ambitious Fossa teenager was infatuated by the motor industry and when an opportunity arose to join the team at Bowler’s Garage in Ballycasheen, Killarney, Michael didn’t have to be asked twice.

He learned the ropes as a valeter but, anxious to learn, all the while he was keeping a close eye on every department, from sales to parts and administration to customer relations, to ensure he took in as much knowledge as he possibly could.

It was a sharp learning curve and a great deal to take in but, within two years, Michael has risen to the position of Business Manager in the Sales and Finance Department after his potential and sheer determination to learn–  and keep on learning – was observed by the man at the helm, Brian Bowler.

Michael was enrolled for tuition as a qualified financial advisor and learned what he needed to know about consumer credit and sales and finance from the Institute of Banking.

He is currently busy preparing for his final exams and, in the meantime, he has successfully carved out a career as a talented, ambitious, practical and skilled Business Manager.

Michael’s role effectively kicks in when the sales team at Bowler’s Toyota Centre has done its job and he carefully guides clients through the fine print of the financial stage of their purchase by designing a package that suits their specific and individual needs.

“We have a whole variety of vehicle hire purchase options available and we are well placed to ensure the customer gets the best value, both long term and in the short term,” Michael said.

“We offer the best advice on personal contract plans (PCP) to ensure flexibility and guaranteed future value, which Toyota sets at a very realistic and practical 37 per cent of the price of the vehicle.”

Michael will ensure a package that is tailor-made for each client based on what they can afford to spend on a weekly or monthly basis, guaranteeing great value and a top class follow-up service.

After a particularly hectic first seven months in 2017 with new car sales, Bowlers are currently promoting a fantastic two-week used car promotion – running until the end of August – with realistic deposits being accepted and trade-ins also accepted as deposits.

Now aged 20 and in a job he loves, Michael doesn’t neglect the other important aspects of his life and he is a very talented footballer currently making his mark with the Fossa senior team that gained promotion in convincing fashion last season.

An enthusiastic golfer, he is the son of Michael and Sheila O’Keeffe of Aghadoe, in Fossa and Bowler’s Toyota Garage has played a big part in the family’s life as his sister, Theresa, has been service manager at the Ballycasheen base for the past 11 years.

To contact Michael O’Keeffe call 064-6631032 or 087-9624730. His email contact is [email protected].



2013 Avensis Aura, grey, 123,000km – 131-D-23280
Price: €14,500 Deposit: €3,625 Weekly: €50
2013 Auris Icon, grey, 51000km – 131-KY-2003
Price: €13,750 Deposit: €3,437 Weekly: €48
2014 Corolla Terra, black, 82,000km – 141-L-2594
Price: €15,500 Deposit: €3,875 Weekly: €53
2014 Corolla Terra, silver, 80,000km – 142–D-3602
Price: €15,500 Deposit: €3,875 Weekly: €53
2014 Corolla Terra, silver, 94,000km – 141-KY-337
Price: €15,500 Deposit: €3,875 Weekly: €53
2014 Avensis Strata, black, 160,000km – 141-KY-26
Price: €15,900 Deposit: €3,975 Weekly: €55
2016 Prius Lux, silver, Demo, 162-D-12182
Price: €29,750 Deposit: €7,437 Weekly: €100
2016 Corolla Facelift, bronze, Demo, 13,000km – 162-KY-1155
Price: €20,750 Deposit: €5,187 Weekly: €70
2016 Corolla Luna, silver, 13,000km – 161-D-45617
Price: €20,750 Deposit: €5,187.50 Weekly: €70
2016 Corolla Luna, silver, 16,800km – 161-D-45639
Price: €20,750 Deposit: €5,187.50 Weekly:€70
2016 Proace SWB 1.6, 9,300km – 162-D-12182
Price: €19,500 Deposit: €4,875 Weekly:€68

2017 CHR Luna Sport 1.2 – 12,000km – 171-D-20831

Price: €27,750 Deposit: €8,325 Weekly: €70
2017 Auris Sol Hybrid, silver, Demo – 171-KY-982
Price: €26,700 Deposit: €8,010 Weekly: €63
2017 RAV4 Sol Hybrid, silver, Demo – 171-KY-981
Price: €34,750 Deposit: €10,425 Weekly: €95
2017 Auris Luna 1.2, Demo ­ 171-KY-1666
Price: €21,750 Deposit: €6,525 Weekly: €55
2017 RAV4 Luna, silver – 171-KY-2580
Price: €26,700 Deposit: €8,700 Weekly: €75
2017: RAV4 Luna, ash grey – 171-KY-2575
Price: €26,700 Deposit: €8,700 Weekly: €75
2017 Yaris Hybrid Sol, red – 171-KY–2579
Price: €21,200 Deposit: €6,360 Weekly: €50
2017 CHR Luna Sport Hybrid, metal stream – 171-KY-2578
Price: €30,200 Deposit: €9,060 Weekly: €72
2017 CHR 1.2 Sol, black – 171-KY-2577
Price: €28,600 Deposit: €8,580 Weekly: €73
2017 Auris Luna 1.4D4D, platinum bronze – 171-KY-2576
Price: €23,000 Deposit: €6,900 Weekly: €58
2017 Corolla 1.33 Luna, platinum bronze – 171-KY-2572
Price: €22,000 Deposit: 30% Weekly: €55