Another major blow to less well off areas

Proposals for the Local Property Tax has sparked concern

A KERRY TD has said he is shocked by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s statement that he wants income generated through the Local Property Tax to remain in the area in which it is raised.

Deputy Danny Healy-Rae said it is wrong because it would foster a two-tier society in which wealthier areas continue to have more services while poorer and less populated locations continue to go into decline.

“This, in turn, would mean that housing prices in well-off areas continue to go up while funding for necessary projects in local areas is not provided,” he said.

Deputy Healy-Rae believes it would represent another major blow to rural Ireland and, he maintains, local communities in less well off areas need more help.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar
Deputy Danny Healy-Rae

“Mr Varadkar has supported (Shane) Ross’s anti-rural measures which have led to people becoming ever more isolated. He is now ensuring that rural infrastructure gets even less funding,” the Kerry politician said.

Under new government proposals, millions of euro generated through local property tax from wealthy areas will no longer be used to bail out poorer communities because the Taoiseach said the existing system is not working.

As it stands, all property tax is pooled nationally and used to pay for services in local authorities across the country but the Taoiseach wants to ring-fence resources for the areas they come from, with wealthier locations keeping their money while poorer communities will see a drop-off in funds.

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