Battle of clubs goes to group format

THE Senior Club Football Championship is to be run on a league basis going forward, it has been decided.

It was now comprise of two groups of four teams, with each team in a group playing the other teams once. Each team will play one game at home, one away and one at a neutral venue.

The CCC will decide dates and venues and the top team in each group qualify for the final.

The change in format was decided at a meeting between CCC officials and the senior championship teams.

If two teams finish level on points the outcome of the meeting of the two teams

in the group will determine the matter and, following that, score difference will come into play or there might be a play-off.

Any team failing to fulfill a fixture will be automatically placed below any other team that has the same number of points which is similar to the current policy in the County Senior Football Leagues.

It was agreed to have an open draw to decide the make-up of each group. Your professional local news service. Call 087-2229761 or email [email protected]