Call for apartments to solve social housing crux

Cllr Michael D O’Shea: Call for apartments

KERRY County Council has been urged to erect apartment complexes in towns like Killarney, Killorglin, Dingle and Tralee to accommodate single people with disabilities and the elderly.

Cllr Michael D O’Shea has asked the local authority to change its position as young people who are single that find it very hard to get social housing anywhere in Kerry.

“They are in desperate need but they cannot qualify due to the fact that other persons are ahead of them on the list and single persons or people with disabilities are not accommodated as quickly as others,” Cllr O’Shea said.

He said apartment blocks in areas where there is immense pressure for social housing could make a huge difference and is a practical solution.

Cllr O’Shea said the council has agreed to take up this position and they will change position.

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