Be careful who you answer the phone to

If victims call back they incur exorbitant international premium call charges

ANOTHER elaborate mobile phone scam is doing the rounds and numerous people in Killarney have been targeted by the ruthless culprits.

Calls are being received that appear to originate in Bosnia and Herzegovina and what is throwing unsuspecting victims is that the incoming number has a prefix featuring 087 and 064, giving the impression that it is a local call.

It is understood that the modus operandi of the scammers is to hang up quickly to entice the victim to call back and, in doing so, they will incur exorbitant international premium call charges.

Gardai and ComReg officials repeatedly had already issued warnings to mobile phone users to beware of elaborate scams that could cost them a small fortune.

Many people in Killarney had previously been targeted by opportunist con artists calling from numbers showing international dial codes +231 (Liberia) or +235 (Chad).

The number originating in Bosnia and Herzegovina with which one reader was targeted

The calls, which were being received at all times of the day and night, were usually terminated before there was an opportunity to answer. The Premium CallBack scam has been in operation for weeks and, it is understood, several people have fallen victim to the criminals.

Gardaí have urged people not to answer calls from numbers they cannot identify and never call back international numbers unless they are from a number familiar to them.

ComReg has advised phone users to avoid answering calls from mysterious numbers and to hang up immediately if calls are answered and there appears to be nobody on the line.

Additionally, do not call back any number that leaves an empty voicemail message and, under no circumstances, should people provide any personal information, such as banking or credit card details, addresses or passport numbers to callers.

People in Killarney have also been advised not to access websites, Facebook pages or Twitter accounts, local or otherwise, where the administrators are claiming that sustained attempts have been made to hack their accounts or claiming that a ‘second’ friend request has been received from their numbers.

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