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Feet on the street, man bites dog, hairy chests and Boney M – it’s some town for one town

IT HASN’T GONE AWAY YOU KNOW: PEDESTRIANISATION OF PLUNKETT STREET SPLIT OPINION BACK THEN AND NOW IF you think it’s a divisive issue now, you should have witnessed the heated stand-off that developed when a proposal to pedestrianise Plunkett Street appeared on the local agenda back in 1992. To suggest that it split traders into… Continue Reading

A man-made beach in Killarney: A great idea or absolutely nutty?

WHEN A PROPOSAL FOR A MAN-MADE BEACH IN KILLARNEY WAS LABELLED ‘ABSOLUTELY NUTTY’ IT is, in many ways, Killarney’s best kept secret and, unless it’s accidentally stumbled upon by tourists, the little ‘beach’ at Dundag is where you’ll find only locals dipping their toes with visitors from elsewhere a very rare sight. Despite the fact… Continue Reading