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Come gather ’round people, for the times they are a-changin’

These photographs poignantly illustrate the rapidly changing face of Killarney and highlight how the town has moved so very dramatically in a different direction in just over two decades. On the eve of the arrival of the millennium year, shortly after darkness fell on 31st December 1999, photographer Eamonn Keogh captured this historic and beautiful… Continue Reading

Jessie: ‘It is just a wild dream come true – I’m so lucky’

On a day when she was nominated for a prestigious Academy Award, looks back on the extraordinary early career of gifted Killarney star Jessie Buckley who has come such a long way since she sat in a crib in a town centre shopping mall and later graced the stage with the local musical society… Continue Reading

Liebherr was heading for Mallow… but Killarney locals had other ideas

ONE glance at the Lakes of Killarney and he was hooked. The fascinating story of how nature itself snared the heart and mind of a wealthy German industrialist is one of the most remarkable examples of how a chance encounter can lead to great opportunity and prosperity. In the immediate aftermath of World War II,… Continue Reading