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Attempt to rewrite the terms of social contract

Opinion: The closure of rural post offices – including 12 in Kerry – generates a sense that a person’s living space will never be the same following an unwanted trespass, writes social commentator John Tierney IN our ‘on the spectrum’ filled world elderly residents of the Irish countryside find themselves in the middle of the social… Continue Reading

Welcome to gridlock central: Town’s traffic nightmare

Opinion: It has been a dream summer for Killarney tourism interests but, equally, it has been an absolute nightmare season for motorists who have become infuriated, inconvenienced and prevented from going about their business due to unprecedented traffic gridlock in the town centre and on all the approach roads. Nearly two years since a €50,000… Continue Reading

Defend your right to a place called home

OPINION: With local elections due next year, and a possible general election also likely, the public should demand that local representatives support the call to include the right to adequate housing in the Irish Constitution, writes Killarney Social Democrats representative John O’Shea (pictured) THE ongoing housing and rental crisis affects everyone: young workers who must… Continue Reading

Ongoing road crisis is a bad sign of the times

AROUND this time next year, when your doorbell rings, chances are you’ll find the majority of the eight members of the current Killarney Municipal District Council standing on the mat seeking your support for the local elections. They’ll most likely enlighten you about what they have achieved, how hard they have worked, the progress that… Continue Reading

Kerry left behind in 2040 Plan

Opinion: When it comes to climate change regulations and the Government’s Project Ireland 2040 plan, is it fair that people in Gneevegullia and Kilcummin will not be allowed to cut turf to keep them warm while in Japan and China the situation is so serious that people are walking around with masks on their faces… Continue Reading