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Never forget that when the sun goes down, the stars come out

BEAUTY, true beauty, will always find a way to blossom. Killarney might now have its eyes closed in enforced springtime slumber. But this too shall pass. Even in the eerie stillness, in its near deserted, lonesome state, the town retains its magical lure and emits a remarkable sense of place proving, yet again, that everything… Continue Reading

Children in extreme poverty are always the most vulnerable in a crisis

OPINION: Children in extreme poverty are always the most vulnerable in a crisis and that is the case with the Covid-19 pandemic with help urgently needed, writes Niall McLoughlin, CEO of World Vision Ireland, a child-focused overseas aid agency helping children in emergency situations, through public and corporate donations and with the generous support of… Continue Reading

‘You may recover quickly if you get Covid-19. Many of us won’t. Some of us will die’

OPINION: Reports of crowds of people gathering at the beach or out hiking shows that there is still work to do when it comes to getting people to understand the importance of social distancing, writes Paula Dennan, (pictured), a feminist activist who swapped life in Dublin for rural Kerry and is in an at-risk group… Continue Reading

‘We need to make our voices heard. We can do so much better’

OPINION: Determined to keep the shocking homelessness crisis at the top of the political agenda, Sr Stanislaus Kennedy, President and Founder of Focus Ireland, and a native of Lispole, has pleaded with readers to put five key questions to general election campaigners they encounter on the doorsteps or on the streets in the coming… Continue Reading