Concord delegation touches down in Killarney

Killarney Town Twinning Association secretary Sheila Dickson (front, centre) with chairman Seán Counihan (middle row, left) with VIP visitors from Concord

Killarney has this week rolled out the red carpet for a group of VIP visitors who have arrived from the town’s first ever twin location Concord in the US.

Killarney Town Twinning Association chairman, Seán Counihan, secretary Sheila Dickson and treasurer Michael O’Leary, formally greeted and entertained the arrivals who have been based in the International Hotel for three days and nights.

During their stay they enjoyed three rounds of golf, one on Killarney’s Killeen course and the others in Tralee and Ballybunion.

In 1993, Killarney was chosen as Concord’s first sister town and strong links have been forged between the two locations for close on 30 years.

Concord is a city in the state of North Carolina with a population of approximately 84,000.

The city has a diverse economic base that includes distribution, manufacturing and professional services and it is also home to the Charlotte Motor Speedway.
Killarney Golf and Fishing Club is also formally twinned with Rocky River Golf Club in Concord.

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