Condition of back roads to be inspected

Dalton’s Avenue: Back roads will be inspected

AN inspection of the roadways at the back of houses at Kilcoolaght and Moyeightra is to be carried out with a view to putting plan in place for a resurfacing programme.

The area includes Dalton’s Avenue and Marian Terrace, close to Fitzgerald Stadium, and the condition of the roads has been raised by Mayor of Killarney Cllr Marie Moloney.

“Many are in a terrible condition and can we please prioritise the back roadways which are really dreadful,” she said.

Mayor Marie Moloney: Wants plan in place

The mayor said she is not expecting the work to be carried out next week but a plan should be put in place to ensure it is done in the future.

Kerry County Council officials said they will carry out an inspection of the roadways at the rear of the houses and an estimate of the cost of any required works will be prepared.

“Unfortunately, these roadways were unsuccessful in being included in the multi-annual programme, therefore an alternative source of funding will need to be required,” the council stated.

Kilcoolaght borders a number of townlands, including Ardnaweely, Ballydribeen, Coolgrean and High Street, Killarney.