Constant breaks but no news on essential funding

Numerous breaks have been reported in recent years

DESPITE numerous breaks in the water supply mains on the stretch of roadway from Ballymalis Cross to Eadie’s Mills in Kilbonane there is still no news on when the problematic 40-year-old pipe will be replaced, a meeting of Killarney Municipal District Council was told.

Cllr Brendan Cronin, who raised the issue, said there had been several recent water breaks and he said the area has been subjected to “the world of breaks”.

Cllr Brendan Cronin

“The lifespan of that pipe has expired,” he said.

Kerry County Council acknowledged that there have been serious problems in Coolroe and Ballymalis recent years, over a distance of 1.5km, where the 75mm diameter PVC pipe is four decades old.

The council’s water services department has already made Irish Water aware of the need to replace the pipe but there is no indication of when funding might become available.

Meanwhile, Cllr Cronin also asked for the urgent upgrading and connecting of the Donneen-Kilcummin water supply scheme to the public water network.

Officials said the current 50-year-old scheme provides drinking water to eight households and there is a public water main immediately adjacent to the group scheme but Irish Water will not take charge of the local well source.

It is intended to replace the existing water main and connect the group scheme to the public network later this year with a view to pursing the takeover by Irish Water in 2020.

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