Cool sales pitch has many fans

Cool: Kevin Moynihan's post on social media
Cool: Kevin Moynihan’s post on social media

IT’S one of the most encouraging examples of the glass being half full mentality that we’ve come across for a while.

And it might put a smile on our faces that will light up an otherwise dull and dreary holiday season.

Despite the fact that we’re encountering the worst summer weather for decades, one optimistic business in downtown Killarney is not giving up hope.

And keeping the sunny side out while the rest of us moan and groan, they are offering great value deals on pedestal and desk fans to help us to “keep cool this summer.”

It’s possibly a case of making the most of a desperate situation by offloading stock at great value prices or maybe it’s just their way of brightening up our days with a little irony.

But the novel promotion has certainly grabbed public attention.

Sun-loving Killarney accountant Kevin G Moynihan couldn’t resist the temptation to grab a snapshot of the sales promo to upload on social media, wondering aloud if many of the fans have been sold?

The quick reply from one commentator was that they probably moved off the shelves just as fast as suncream in recent weeks.

Whatever about always looking on the bright side of life, it has now been officially confirmed that Killarney has experienced its worst July, weather wise, for an astonishing 22 years.

Official records at Valentia Observatory and Met Éireann show that Kerry was the dullest place in the entire country for nine days in a row last month and it was the wettest and coldest July that anybody under the age of 21 has ever experienced.

The really grim news is that the forecast for the coming weeks isn’t too great either so it might be time to turn the heating up a notch, toss a little more turf on the fire and prepare for some duvet days in August.

And if it gets that little bit too hot to cope with, we can recommend a great place to buy a portable fan.