Council insists it has sufficient technical staff available

Cllr Michael Gleeson said he is aware of the benefits an architect could bring through his involvement with the Killarney Looking Good project

KERRY County Council has been encouraged to consider engaging the services of a full-time architect for the Killarney Municipal District to avail of her or his expertise and to ensure their advice and guidance would be constantly available to complement the existing talents available to the local authority.

The call was made by Cllr Michael Gleeson who said many architects possess an excellent degree of vision and the services of such a professional would enhance Killarney’s ability to achieve great things.

He said thorough his involvement with the Killarney Looking Good project he is aware that advice from an architect would be particularly beneficial when it comes to matters like mapping out future development plans for the town’s lanes.

Cllr Gleeson said if there had been an architect engaged years ago some of sprawling local housing developments would not have been developed the way they were.

Kerry County Council, in response, insisted that it has sufficient technical staff, including architects, available for the provision of its services.

“Where any additional capacity is required for a specific purpose or project, then we can procure same under existing procurement practices, subject to the availability of project funding,” a spokesperson said.

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