Council, Irish Water and HSE urged to address concerns

ASSURANCES are to be sought from a Killarney councillor that the coronavirus is not present in the town’s sewerage treatment plant or in the outflow from the facility.

Cllr Michal Gleeson said the virus can survive well in the intestine and bowel of a human and then pass, through normal bowel motions, into the public sewer and to the treatment plant.

Cllr Michael Gleeson

He has tabled a motion on the matter for the October meeting of Kerry County Council and he has asked the authorities to address the matter.

Cllr Gleeson has requested Kerry County Council, in conjunction with Irish Water and the Health Service Executive, to inform the public if the possible presence of the virus in the treatment plant, or possibly in the outflow from the plant, poses any risk of infection to humans or animals.

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