Credit where it’s due for two great staff members

Therese Buckley and Brendan Lynch (second from right) celebrating 25 years service with Mark Murphy CEO and (right) Karena McCarthy at Killarney Credit Union. Picture: Michelle Cooper Galvin

TWO dedicated and long-serving staff members have been honoured by Killarney Credit Union for their great service.

Brendan Lynch and Therese Buckley are both celebrating 25 years of service and they have both been an invaluable asset to the team and the company.  

Brendan and Therese are widely known and respected by the many members that deal with the Killarney branch and they are renowned for the courtesy and efficiency they bring to their respective tasks.

Chief Executive Mark Murphy said their dedication to the members is exemplary.  

“As long as I know Therese and Brendan I am aware of how highly they are regarded. Their work and professionalism is second to none,” he said.  

“It is not often we get to say thank you and we were delighted with the opportunity to do so with Brendan and Therese,” he added.

The branch made a surprise presentation to both who were delighted to be recognised by their colleagues.

Brendan began working in Killarney Credit Union in November 1995 and Therese started in June 1996.  Both are now team leaders and senior loan officers in Killarney Credit Union.