Daly: Our families are being ripped off

Cllr Pa Daly: Attack on Fianna Fail and Fine Gael

SUCCESSIVE Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael governments failed miserably and they have decimated hospital and local health services in Kerry, Sinn Fein general election candidate, Cllr Pa Daly, has charged.

He said the two main parties have refused to provide the necessary investment in decent jobs and infrastructure and they have allowed families and communities to struggle while “they play their games” in the Dáil.


“They have neither the political will or the policies to fix the problems they have created in our public services and in rural communities. Our families are being ripped off with high costs, high rents and mortgages, childcare costs and stealth charges,” Cllr Daly said.

“They have made sure that an entire generation can only dream of owning their own home,” he added.
Cllr Daly said his party that has the courage to put families and communities before vested interests and the well-connected and Sinn Fein in government will ensure that Kerry can receive a fair share of investment in public services, in health services and in job creation so that our young people don’t constantly have to leave their home communities in search of employment.

“For the last four years we have had a Fine Gael government, propped up by Fianna Fáil, that hasn’t delivered for people. The government expended more energy defending their decision to commemorate the RIC than they have in listening to the needs of our communities,” Cllr Daly remarked.

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