Dung on the streets raising a stink

A DECADE after nappies became compulsory for horses operated by jarveys in Killarney, following the implementation of strict bye-laws, dung is again spilling out on to the streets and roads of the town and in the national park.

Several complaints have been made in recent weeks that steaming mounds of foul-smelling horse manure are being observed close to the town centre, with Mission Road and the national park at Knockreer and in Muckross particular problem areas.

The steel containers in which the dung can be dumped

The issue appears to be that some jarveys are not emptying the equine sanitary bags as often as necessary and there is some suggestion that others are not being fitted properly to the horse and carts.

Heaps of dung dotted along Mission Road – which leads from the town centre jarvey stand to the entrance to Knockreer – is now becoming a very regular occurrence and it is being ground into the road by passing traffic.

Fears have been expressed that is poses a health risk to children who could fall where dung is dropped and it is also causing real inconvenience for people with buggies and those with mobility issues attempting to cross Mission Road to get to Killarney House and Gardens.

In his inaugural address as Mayor of Killarney this Friday, Cllr Michael Gleeson highlighted the issue and complained that there is still horse dung to be found on the streets.

“It is being commented on by both visitors and locals and it is a cause of terrible inconvenience to people who have to try to cross it in wheelchairs,” he said.

“I am asking all the jarveys to come on board and ensure that the standard that is being adhered to by the vast majority would be done so by all and that would be a great advance for Killarney,” Mayor Gleeson added.

One Killarney woman, who has complained about the matter, remarked: “There has been a huge increase ,on Mission Road, in the Demesne and in Muckross, of dung on the roads and paths. Is this what we want for Killarney?”

She added: “Visually it looks horrendous and surely it has to be a health issue. As adults we can try to avoid it but for buggies, wheelchairs and children, this is so much more difficult.”

The woman, who put her complaint in writing, said: “The dung catchers worked successfully for the past number of years. All I can think of is carelessness on behalf of some operators in their using of them. The council and the national park need to stand up and tackle this issue”.

Top picture collage is from Mission Road in recent days

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