€12 million bank stash claim is rejected

Cllr Donal Grady: “Up to €15 million shovelled over to Tralee”

A CLAIM that there is a bank account with up to €12 million or €15 million stashed in it since the abolition of the former Killarney Town Council has been emphatically rejected by Kerry County Council officials.

Cllr Donal Grady claimed that up to €15 million was “shovelled over to Tralee” when the local council was scrapped in 2014 and that nothing is being done about it.

“I have constantly been in contact with the Director of Finance about it. You are very quiet people,” he told his fellow councillors at a meeting of Killarney Municipal District Council.

Speaking during a debate on parking, Cllr Grady added: “We have €12 million inside in a bank and that is owned by the people of Killarney. That money is there so why isn’t it used to build a high-rise car park?”

Cllr Brendan Cronin: Wants car park surfaced

Pressed on the issue by Cllr Brendan Cronin, Kerry County Council’s Director of Finance, Angela McAllen, said when the town council was abolished in 2014 it had a budget of €13.58 million and a large amount of that was paid to the county to manage services.

“Funds came over from each of the town councils, as well as liabilities,” she said.

“We have significant liabilities, some of which emanate from the town councils and, in some instances, the liabilities wiped out the funds that were there,” Mc McAllen said.

“All funds that remain are committed and ring-fenced for Killarney,” she added.

Cllr Cronin remarked: “So there is €12 million in the bank and yet we can’t surface the cathedral car park?”

Ms McAllen insisted that there was “absolutely no €12 million” and added that while she couldn’t give a figure, she would report back to the council in Killarney on the matter.

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