Fears that road upgrade could take years

The Killarney bypass is the most dangerous road in the country, according to Cllr Donal Grady.
Picture: Eamonn Keogh

A KILLARNEY councillor has said he fears it could take up to five years before the local authority and Transport Infrastructure Ireland can deliver on plans to upgrade the N22 Lewis Road and Kilcummin Road junctions on the main town bypass road.

KillarneyToday.com revealed on Tuesday that a Part 8 notice is to be published this Thursday to confirm plans to substantially upgrade what is considered one of the country’s worse accident blackspots.

The proposals include the construction of a new roundabout, the building of a pedestrian/cyclist subway, enhanced pedestrian and cycling facilities along that section of the N22 and the reconfiguration of the Lewis Road junction to allow left in-left out traffic only.

Plans, with detailed maps, will go on display this Thursday and public submissions on the matter must be submitted by Thursday, March 21.

Cllr Donal Grady: Project could take five years

But Cllr Donal Grady said today that he has questioned senior council officials on the project and he has concerns that it will take a long time to deliver on it.

“They’re talking about two years from now but when they say two, it can often be double it or even more. It could be five years before we see that work completed,” he said.

Cllr Grady said negotiations have not yet taken place with landowners in the area and that the council is waiting until the planning is sorted before that happens.

“That is very wrong as far as I’m concerned. I know that no negotiations whatsoever have taken place with one landowner and if the council goes down the compulsory purchase route that will add even more time to it,” he said.

“The bypass is the most dangerous road in the country and this work should have been done yesterday and not tomorrow. Having to wait a few more years is a crazy situation,” Cllr Gady said.

He also questioned where the money to fund the work – estimated to be in the region of €4 million – will come from as just €100,000 has been allocated to date for preliminary design work.

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