Flight of the dove had a soft landing

One of the white doves released didn’t fly too far before landing on Seán Kelly’s head.
Pictures: Eamonn Keogh

IF a movie is ever made of it, it could be a sequel to The Flight of the Doves or even Dove Actually – and the crowds would flock to it.

But, either way, MEP Seán Kelly would never expect to find himself in the wings to land the best supporting role.

True dove: Seán Kelly gets up to his feathered friend

The former President of the GAA is well used to a high-flying lifestyle given his demanding weekly treks to and from the nest of power in the European Parliament.

But nothing could have prepared him for an hilarious close encounter with a beak that occurred on Killarney’s Main Street at the weekend where the ceremonial start for the 2021 Historic Rally was just about to rev into action.

Deputy Danny Healy-Rae and Cllr Maura Healy-Rae saw the funny side of it

Organisers had planned the release of two white doves to honour the memory of two late great members of the Killarney and District Motor Club, Johnny Hickey and Mike Falvey.

But rather than soaring into the night sky, as was the plan, one of the feathered friends took a particular shine to the cosy knitted cap that adorned the head of the Fine Gael MEP who was an invited guest on the night.

And it didn’t just land there –  it stayed there – until it had to be delicately removed by one of the rally team.

Two white doves were released at the Rentokil Initial Killarney Historic Rally ceremonial start

It sparked great hilarity on a bitterly cold November night and it prompted MEP Kelly to share his contention – by Tweet of course – that the discerning dove must have been attempting to hitch a free ride to Brussels as it wasn’t in a position to foot the bill.

And if was then the unflappable and chirpy dove had pulled off quite a coup.