Free contraception move is ‘a good start’

Diarmaid Griffin: Looking forward to contraception being free for all adults

The government decision to provide free contraception, on a phased basis, beginning with women aged 17 to 25, has been welcomed by the Green Party’s representative in Killarney.

Cabinet approved an amendment to the Health (Exemptions from Charges for Acute In-Patient Services) Bill 2022 which will insert provisions to provide for the free contraception for young women.

The Green Party said, for women in particular, the right forms of contraception can be very expensive, costing hundreds of euro.

“We need to see each woman receive the right form of contraception for her, allowing her to keep safe and preventing crisis pregnancies,” a party statement read.

Killarney Green Party spokesman, Diarmaid Griffin, said it is welcome news.

“Free contraception for women aged 17-25 is a good start towards the government levelling the playing field and removing the financial obstacle of IUDs and other contraception methods.

“This is empowering as women in that age group no longer need to reach out for financial assistance when making choices about their bodies,’ he said.

Mr Griffin said young people between 17 and 25 usually don’t have the money to make a choice in this regard and then the decision is made for them, by parents or guardians.

“I see this as a beginning and look forward to contraception being free and accessible to all adults, of all ages, in due course,” he remarked.

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