Friars have Dubs singing the blues

The Kerry flag flying high with the Dublin flag at half mast on either side of the statue of St Francis on the friary grounds

IT might be a message from on high – or it could just be the friars having a bit of fun.

Either way this vision on the grounds of the Franciscan Friary in Killarney this Wednesday has caught the public imagination and it has certainly been a big topic of conversation amongst those attending daily Mass.

Given the week that’s in it, there’s nothing at all unusual about a green and gold Kerry flag flying proudly on the church grounds.

What is a little more bizarre, however, is that there is Dublin GAA flag flying close by – even though it’s at half-mast.

Franciscan Friary Guardian, Fr Liam McCarthy, claims the flag of the four-in-a-row champions merely got stuck as they were putting it up. But, then again, he’s a true blue Dub himself so he would say that, wouldn’t he?

Fr Liam McCarthy: True blue Dub

“It could be a premonition but we’ll try to have it flying at full mast before Saturday,” said the Rialto native even though many Kingdom fans reckon the Dubs haven’t a prayer of winning five-in-a-row.

Located between the Kerry and Dublin flags on the friary lawn, taking up the role of referee, is a landmark statue of St Francis although where his allegiances lay in the lead-up to Saturday’s glamour replay in Croke Park remain to be confirmed.

The fact that he is the patron saint of animals might offer a clue – remember what the late great Páidí Ó Sé had to say about Kerry supporters?

Whether the half mast flag is to be taken as a sign that the Dublin drive for five is about to grind to a sudden halt or that they are already four and a half times on their way to the record remains to be seen

Fr Liam, meantime, has a profession to attend on Saturday and won’t be able to make the replay in Croke Park but he will ensure he joins the other friars in front of the television in plenty of time for the throw-in.

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