Full capacity on school buses a mistake

Cllr Michael Cahill has concerns about school buses and the spread of infection

PLANS to return school buses to full capacity at a time when Covid infection figures are at such a high level have been questioned by a Kerry councillor.

Restrictions on the numbers of students being ferried on buses were brought in to stem the spread of Covid-19 among the school population and to and from homes around the country, Cllr Michael Cahill has pointed out.

“Why would we now remove the restrictions when infection figures are practically at an all-time high?

“It seems to me that caution is still required and if we want to control the numbers of infections, allowing full capacity in our school buses is not the way to go,” he insisted.

Cllr Cahill said students coming and going to and from different homes and attending different classes should be socially distanced on school transport as a common sense approach.

“The situation we find ourselves in demands difficult and awkward solutions but we must make a major effort to protect our population and, particularly, our children” he said.