Galaxy shoot for the stars

A still from the Fulltime Productions documentary

NOT many clubs have the privilege of featuring in their own movie but MEK Galaxy FC are currently featuring on the screens thanks to a documentary currently being shot.

Fulltime Productions have been following our club’s senior A squad for the last year, as they started their journey into the upper echelons of Kerry District League soccer.

Known for streaming most local sporting events around the county, Fulltime Productions chief Kevin Kelliher and his team have a great reputation for producing top quality documentaries, including Fulltime Whistle.

“We have had great fun being part of this project and it has culminated in a four-part documentaries called Fulltime Seasons: A year with MEK Galaxy,” said Galaxy PRO Patrick Murphy.

“The first episode went live last Sunday| and everyone at the club are very proud of it,” he added.

The documentary can be viewed on the Fulltime Productions Facebook page.

Meanwhile MEK Galaxy star Orla Barrett has been presented with the player of the year award.

Her fantastic performances with the Kerry under 13 Gaynor Cup team earned her the accolade which was presented to her by Kerry manager David McIndoe. A lot of credit is due to Orla, who works tirelessly for club and county.

Orla, the daughter of Martin and Lisa Barrett and a brother of League of Ireland player Finn, has also been invited to train at the FAI Munster Centre of Excellence in Limerick. Your only 24/7 local news service provider. Call 087-2229761