Grave interference: ‘This is very upsetting for us all and my mother in particular’

Aghadoe Graveyard where the flowers and shrubs have been interfered with

A DISTRAUGHT family has told how the grave where their loved ones are buried has been targeted by ruthless thieves or vandals who are removing pots of plants and pulling up shrubs from the plot in Aghadoe.

A local woman – who asked not be named in print to protect the family’s privacy – said her widowed mother has become very upset because of the interference with the grave and they don’t know if it is the only resting place that it is being targeted or if the problems is more common.

Two members of the family are buried in the main Aghadoe graveyard and the plot is meticulously tended to by close relatives who visit on a very regular basis.

They were shocked initially when they discovered that potted plants they had placed there had vanished during the summer months and, in recent days, they arrived to find that shrubs they had planted in a bedding area at the foot of the grave were pulled up and taken.

The situation at Aghadoe has led to great upset

The family had lodged a complaint with An Garda Siochana but they were told that there was little that could be done unless the culprits were caught in the act and in the absence of CCTV.

They have appealed to anybody that may have witnessed anything suspicious or spotted anybody interfering with graves to contact gardai.

“This is very upsetting for us all and my mother in particular,” the woman said

“This is where our loved ones are buried and it is sacred ground. How could anybody do such a thing? “ she asked.

Her widowed mother ensures the grave is maintained in immaculate condition but she is really upset by what has been happening.

“We know it can’t have been a dog or anything like that because, firstly, the flower pots just vanished completely and, in recent days, the shrubs we planted there were pulled cleanly from their pots and there was no earth or debris left behind,” she said.

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