Group will work to remove barriers to abortion

Paula Dennan: Kerry for Choice spokeswoman

THE Kerry for Choice organisation has welcomed what it termed “realistic abortion access” in Ireland for the first time, saying pregnant people can now have access to full reproductive healthcare.

Spokesperson Paula Dennan said every meeting, every protest, every information stall, every badge worn and every door knocked on brought a day when women can access abortion care in their home country.

She added that Kerry for Choice will continue to work to increase access to abortion with a focus on free, safe, legal and local abortion for anyone who wants or need it, free from stigma, harassment and judgement.

“Waiting periods are unnecessary and place additional barriers in the way of people living in rural areas, migrant women, those living in direct provision and working class women,” Ms Dennan said.

“We will work to remove any barriers to abortion for those who need it and will fight to decriminalise abortion completely”.

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