Hello Denmark, fancy a dance?

Celtic Steps as featured on the Danish TV special

THE attractions of Killarney as a hotbed for cultural entertainment has been highlighted to a huge new audience via the biggest travel programme on Danish television.

The extensive feature zooms in on the many attractions of the town and its surrounds and it includes an extensive segment on the history of Irish music, song and dance as presented and demonstrated by local entertainment company Celtic Steps.

Show co-producer David Rae charts the history of Irish entertainment from the beginning to the present day and, as a marketing tool for Killarney and Kerry, it is certainly hugely positive.

David Rae: Producer

He said visitors to the town can now experience the raw tradition of authentic music, song and dance and, especially, the culture of Kerry.

“The music goes back hundreds of years and the dancing likewise. They danced in the old cottages and at the crossroads when there was no other form of entertainment and people came together,” David tells the interviewer (link here: https://vimeo.com/296813320/343fb761be)

“The natural progression was that if somebody was playing the accordion or the fiddle in the old cottage, somebody would get up and dance on the flagstone floor and that tradition grew to what is the phenomenon now of Irish dance and music and song,” he added.

The traditional music, song and dance show has been enthralling guests and locals in Killarney for the past eight years and, this year, it expanded to Tralee with performances in both towns running concurrently for the 2019 season.

David Rea, who spearheads the show with his business partner Sean Murphy, remarked: “We created 21 new jobs to bring our total workforce to just over 60 people and these are very exciting times.”

Celtic Steps – which is based at the auditorium at Killarney Racecourse – was born from an idea to showcase Ireland’s culture and portray the music and songs of Ireland’s history. It brings together the raw talent of popular Irish dance with the authenticity of traditional Irish music.

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