Hey Polly, it’s me and you and a dog named Boo

In a magical land far far away: Felicia Thomas, with her beloved dog Boo,follow the adventures of Polly in the new book beneath a landmark 300-year-old beech tree at Ross Island, Killarney.
Picture: Valerie O’Sullivan

A CREATIVE Killarney artist and author has penned a new children’s book that is sure to be a smash hit with young reads fond of a little adventure and excitement.

Felicia Thomas has just published Miss Polly and the Crocodile which is set in the magical land of Loopaloo.

It tells the story, with illustrations by Felicia, of a grumpy king, a very spoilt princess, Miss Polly and a crocodile, a shy little girl, good friends and a bully.

The characters are faced with very relatable problems but find that being nice to other and a little magic can save the day.

Felicia launched the book, in the company of her beloved dog Boo, at a landmark 300-year-old beech tree at Ross Island, Killarney.

This is her first book and it has been a real labour of love as, after a life-changing accident in 2013, Felicia used her hobby of art as rehabilitation while learning to use her hand again. Felicia is published by Redshank Books.