Homeowners don’t quality for social housing units

Cllr Marie Moloney: People scared of living alone

MANY elderly people who live in remote areas and own their own houses are finding it extremely difficult living so far from the necessary services and some are lonely and actually scared of living alone, a meeting of Kerry County Council has been told.

Cllr Marie Moloney said there is no independent living facilities, such as sheltered accommodation, for senior homeowners in Killarney as all tenants for Clúid housing must be nominated by the local authority and people that own their own homes are not deemed eligible.

“I am asking Kerry County Council to consider an arrangement whereby the council could lease their home and, by doing so, allow them to make an application to be nominated for Clúid housing,” Cllr Moloney said.

Council officials pointed out that,  in accordance with social housing assessment regulations and under the statutory provisions, a person who has an existing habitable house cannot qualify for social housing and cannot be offered a house or be nominated for a social housing unit with an approved housing body.