Hotel goes the whole hog to gather information

Mark Bowe of the Castlerosse Park Resort with one of the footprint tunnels

A KILLARNEY hotel has gathered important on-the-spot information on the movements of hedgehogs as part of an extensive nationwide survey led by researchers in National University of Ireland, Galway.

The Castlerosse Park Resort, as part of the hotel’s green agenda, placed weather-proof monitoring equipment in various locations on the grounds of the complex for the date to be retrieved for the research team who want to learn more about where hedgehogs live in Ireland and how they use urban and rural habitats.

The survey will determine where hedgehogs live in Ireland and how they use urban and rural habitats

Described as a citizen science project, volunteers were asked will select a one kilometer square area to survey and to place 10 footprint tunnels within the area for five nights and check them each morning for signs of hedgehogs. Results were then submitted by email.

The public is also invited to participate by recording hedgehogs wherever they are seen, surveying gardens for hedgehogs or by undertaking a larger survey in the local area.

No special skills or knowledge are required and the information provided will help enormously in monitoring hedgehog abundance and distribution in Ireland.

For more information on the Irish Hedgehog Survey go to  www.irishhedgehogsurvey.com