Huge drop in live register figures

The CSO live register figures for Kerry

THE number of people on the live register in Killarney has dropped by a whopping 72 per cent sin the six-year period since 2012, it has been pointed out.

There were 3,308 people signing on in the town in 2012 but the live register figure now stands at 941 which is an annual decline of 13 per cent.

The CSO reported this week that the monthly unemployment rate has dropped consistently over the past year and has now fallen to 5.3 per cent, as of October 2018.

There is now 29,000 fewer people out of work in Ireland compared to October 2017 and it is almost 11years since the unemployment rate was so low.

Kerry is benefiting as the CSO also reports consistent decline in the live register figures showing the number of persons on the signing on in October 2018 is at lowest number since May 2008.

In Kerry the number of people on the register has declined by 60 per cent since 2012.

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