‘I’m done. I’m walking. Time to stop being a victim’

THE Kerry garda who went public with a series of allegations about the behaviour of other gardai, publicans and hoteliers in Killarney has confirmed that he intends to resign from the force.

In a post on social media, he remarked: “I’ve already said, 2020 it ends. No more. Time for it to stop. 14 days from now I’m gone. I resign from AGS”.

He added: “I’m done. I’m walking. Time to stop being a victim, time to become a survivor”.

The garda said it’s “not entirely true” to say that he took sick from work leave and is in receipt of full pay.

“To those who mistakenly assume I’m on pay, I’m not. For the last 4 years, literally no pay,” he wrote on a Facebook page connected with an internet safety workshop and seminars business he is involved in.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris has met with officers and members of An Garda Siochana in Kerry in recent days

The garda says he was declared medically unfit to work in 2016 by An Garda Siochana’s chief medical officer.

“What’s worse is I’m currently pleading to the Garda Commissioner to be let go. The organisation told me I couldn’t work; took my livelihood away and left me in limbo for the last four years.

“Despite everything I have experienced to date, the Garda Commissioner has now asked me to await the completion of the GSOC investigation,” he stated

The garda wrote that he has been “reduced to the point of poverty” for the last four years and he has lost everything of value to him in the meantime.

He added: “When the question is asked what protections were afforded to you when you became a whistleblower? An easy answer, None”.

The garda’s blog made claims of misconduct by gardaí that had been stationed in Killarney in relation to liquor licencing laws and the alleged failure of some gardaí to implement them. He also made a series of allegations about individual publicans and hoteliers in Killarney.

Killarney Garda Station

For legal reasons, it is not possible to report the detail of these allegations.

In Kerry on Friday, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said the allegations made by the whistleblower are being investigated by the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) and he is not in a position to comment during that process.

“It’s inappropriate for me to comment on specific allegations made by an individual,” he said.

“When such allegations are made, and I can’t go into specific allegations, then we have an independent ombudsman who investigates these matters and they will then come to their own findings and issue their report.

“From that I will have to consider what steps I need to take within the organisation,” he added.

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