Joan wraps up the Rising

Author Joan O'Reilly with her new book
Author Joan O’Reilly with her new book

A REAL labour of love, offering a simplified but detailed and informative account of the 1916 Rising, will be officially launched at a reception in Killarney Library this Tuesday.

Killarney history lover Joan O’Reilly has penned the book specificially with adults, teenagers and older children in mind and it is aimed at those who would like to learn the whole story of the Rising without having to resort to several publications.

Joan appreciates history because it is full of so many fascinating facts, stories and people but, she noted, these are often hidden in pages and pages of academic writing.

In her Simplified History series, Joan removes much of the academic jargon, complicated sentences and extensive explanations and just tells what happened in a way that is clear, simple and easy to follow, all wrapped up between the covers.

She adds a number of attractive drawings to make it more interesting.

Joan’s first book Simplified History – The 1916 Rising is a very small publication – only 55 pages in total – but it tells the whole story of the Rising, the people involved and what happened day by day.

The book will be launched in Killarney Library on this Tuesday by Irish Examiner editor, Tim Vaughan, at 7.00pm.

The book is available from various bookshops around Ireland and from the website www.simplifiedhistory.com.