Keeping the light on is a real concern

Deputy Pa Daly: Wants to increase the minimum wage

A Kerry TD has spoken about his party’s proposal for an emergency budget to help workers and families deal with the cost of living crisis.

Deputy Pa Daly said he is inundated with calls and emails from people who are struggling as, in many cases, they cannot afford the petrol to drive to work.

“With schools on going on holidays now, they are already living in fear of September when costs for back to school will drive them to the brink.

“Keeping the light and heat on in the winter months is also a concern already. It is clear that people in Kerry cannot wait until October, or 2023, for solutions to be provided,” Deputy Daly stated.

He said there is a disregard for these concerns that borders on callousness from the government.

“Michael Martin and Leo Varadkar are divided and chaotic on the matter, openly contradicting each other. We need targeted measures and an emergency budget now,” Deputy Daly remarked.

He said his party is in favour of increasing the minimum wage, reducing childcare costs and introducing a tax credit for renters.

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