Kerry politicians asked to intervene to save network

KERRY councillors have been urged to help save the embattled rural post office network by supporting the establishment of a post office banking service which could prove to be a lifeline.

An independent postmasters’ group has written to all councillors in the county asking them to support a motion from Clare County Council to call on the government to urgently enact a private members’ motion previously passed by the previous government regarding the future of the post office network.

“This is a matter of urgency to ensure the sustainability of our existing community network,” said spokesman Tom O’Callaghan.

“It is incumbent on the current government to implement a sustainability plan and a time frame for implementation is a priority, said the PO spokesman who is believes new products, capital investment and government services for the network are essential

“It is crucial that there is an immediate five-year holding plan that there will be no downward revisions of post office incomes. Otherwise, there will be no network to salvage,” Mr O’Callaghan warned.

Postmasters insist that community banking must be re-investigated and developed as a possible survival option in light of the global economic depression.

“This could be part of the overall recovery of small business and local communities post Covid-19,” Mr O’Callaghan suggested.

“The community and social value of the post office network, so visibly present during the pandemic, must be recognized as a separate asset to the state, must be protected by the state and must hold a separate currency for the network when tendering for business,” he said.

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