Killarney declared Cleaner than European norms

Killarney: Fantastic turnaround in such a short space of time

Killarney is back in the top 10 in the Irish Business Against Littler League.

After a slight slide down the table last year, due mainly to problems identified with a storage area for commercial bins in the Glebe car park – Killarney is back amongst the elite and it has been declared Cleaner than European Norma which is the highest possible grade awarded by An Taisce.

Killarney: 10th out of 40 towns/cities surveyed.

Cleaner than European Norms.

The customary strong showing from Killarney as it prepares for the peak tourist season, with no heavily littered sites. It is so encouraging that the efforts to address the commercial bins at the Glebe car park (as indicated via correspondence from Kerry County Council in 2023) are finally coming to fruition – well done to all concerned. This time around it was very much deserving of the top litter grade, and it has certainly contributed to Killarney’s very high ranking this time around.

Well done Killarney on rolling out ‘Killarney is Single Use Coffee Cup Free’ – something which has been widely reported in not just the Irish media but also UK. Hopefully, this will have resulted in overall less litter being deposited in the regular street bins. All aspects of the Recycle Facility at High Street car park were in very good order – it was spotless. New Market Lane is a lovely town centre outdoor dining environment which was very much deserving of the top litter grade.

The N22 approach from Tralee: Route presented well with good road surface, markings and signage

N22 Tralee Approach: Grade B. (from speed limit to roundabout). Much of this route presented well with good road surface, markings and signage. A resident was spotted sweeping/cleaning outside of their home and most of the road was good with regards to litter. Any visible litter was next to large derelict site, next to the Pet Hospital. Care needs to be taken to ensure that this doesn’t attract further litter.

Killarney Community Hospital: Grade A. This was an excellent site, in terms of litter. The ‘Smoke Free Zone’ signage appears to have been upheld – there were no butts to be seen. In other similar sites, butts have been problematic.

Glebe Car Park – including bin storage area: Grade A. What a hugely improved site! The removal of the recycle bins has certainly worked. Concerted efforts have been made by many different stakeholders to address what had been a problematic area for many previous IBAL surveys – well done to all concerned. The main car park area was freshly presented and in very good order – car park surface, markings and signage were freshly presented.

High Street: Judges were impressed

Recycle Facility, High Street car park: Grade A. The recycle units and the signage associated with the usage of same were freshly presented. This facility was very much deserving of the top litter grade – nothing had been dumped/stuffed between/behind the units.

St Anne’s Road: Grade A. All was in very good order along this residential road. The road surfaces creates a fresh impression, as did the grass areas. The individual homes were spotless – a credit to all concerned.

College Street: Grade B+. Signage on the PEL Pedal street bin, reminds the public that ‘Killarney is Single Use Coffee Cup Free’ – a great initiative which can hopefully be rolled out in other towns throughout the country. Seasonal planting and clean paving very much contributed to the overall positive impression created along College Street. If it wasn’t for the small amount of litter outside SPAR, this would have been a top-ranking site.

One of the solar-powered bins on New Street

Main Street: Grade B+. The overall presentation along the Main Street was excellent with lovely paving, tree planting, bollards, etc. Cigarette butts were lodged in the cracks in the paving and accumulating in the lovely large planters. There were lower levels of other food related items e.g. sweet papers and fast-food wrappers. Vapes also featured.

New Market Lane: Grade A. This attractively presented laneway environment was host to numerous outdoor dining facilities – all of which were in very good shape. Apart from some cigarette butts, there was a complete absence of litter. Clearly the area is regularly cleaned to keep it looking so well.

Industrial Estate: Grade A. A very well-maintained industrial estate with a virtual absence of litter throughout.

Deposit Return Scheme, SuperValu: Grade A. This small facility was spotless. It was great to see it being well used at time of survey, with plenty of friendly chat amongst the us.

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