Killarney embraces great artistic flair

Killarney Community College art teacher Michelle Mahony pictured with some of the students involved in the project

THE Killarney Looking Good Committee has teamed up with teacher Michelle Mahony and the art department in Killarney Community College on a novel project that will go on display in the town.

The themes chosen were nature, the local environment and Killarney’s heritage and although the project was initiated in October 2019, it was delayed as a result of Covid-19 and it wasn’t installed until recent days.

The project entailed fifth year students from Killarney Community College making individual ceramic tiles from fresh clay. Each tile was glazed using an array of colours and fired in the kiln twice.

Students erecting the tile art in Chapel Lane

Michelle Mahony, their art teacher, created a design based on one of the feature windows in Muckross Abbey but the students didn’t know the inspiration for the work until it was revealed to them once the piece was finished.

When creating their tiles, the students involved had to leave some areas plain and glazed completely white and they made up the shape of the Muckross Abbey window. Each tile is a mini artwork in itself with the detail that students added and there are over 170 in total in the ceramic artwork.

The project was also aided by Doirin Duggan, a special needs assistant in the school who is also a ceramic artist.

It is intended the piece will be a feature to enhance Chapel Lane which links New Street and High Street, and the installation at this location is appropriate given the ecclesiastical links to the lane.

The project was funded through the Community Enhancement Programme of the Department of Rural and Community Development.

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