Killarney forges new student golf links with the US

Chairman of Killarney Town Twinning Association
Seán Counihan (left) and Killarney hotelier Michael O’Donoghue welcome Margaret and Jeanette Lehann from Scottsdale, Arizona to the Killarney Plaza Hotel

AN exciting international student golf exchange has been arranged between Killarney and its US sister city Scottsdale in Arizona.

The Killarney Town Twinning Committee initiative, supported by Killarney Golf and Fishing Club, will get underway next June with students travelling from the US to Killarney and locals heading to the Arizona to attend the school of golf in the Arcadia High School.

The exchange will provide places for two females and two males and the next step is to identify suitable students to participate in the project

The Chairman of Killarney Town Twinning Association, Seán Counihan, and Meg Dalton of Killarney Golf and Fishing Club’s marketing department have been working hard on planning for the exchange which will forge stronger cultural and sporting links between Killarney and Scottsdale.

The Twinning Association is also in the process of organising a separate European exchange with another twin town, Pleinfeld in Germany, in which young musicians from the Killarney School of Music will participate