Killarney stands out for its cleanliness – but mind that chewing gum

The judges praised the local businesses and the community for their efforts

KILLARNEY has been officially declared the second most impressive town or city in the country in terms of litter control and general tidiness, finishing just behind overall winner Kilkenny in the latest Irish Business Against Litter league.

The town was deemed to be cleaner than European norms by the adjudicators from An Taisce who conducted up close inspections of town streets, residential areas and approach roads at 40 locations throughout the country.

The were particularly impressed by the environment and tidiness of the area surrounding Killarney Courthouse while New Street, Plunkett Street and College Street also received the top Grade A rating.

The residential area along Countess Road and the recycle facility in the Beech Road car park also impressed the adjudicators but they reported food-related litter outside schools in the New Road area and they complained that chewing gum was a problem on footpaths throughout the town.

The approach roads from Killorglin and Cork were Grade A first class but the approach from Limerick received a Grade B although, bizarrely, the judges included large parts of County Limerick, including Rathkeale, Adare and Newcastle West, in their Killarney report deliberations as well as “the stretch between Milltown and Killarney”.

Killarney was placed second in the anti litter league

This is what the An Taisce inspectors had to say:

“Killarney stands out for its consistent cleanliness – a great tribute to the businesses and community in this busy tourist town. With so many top-ranking sites, there were some which deserve a special mention. The shopping streets at New Street, Plunkett Street and College Street were all very good with regard to litter.

The courthouse and environs wasn’t just clean but was also very well presented and maintained. It was great to see the recycle facility at New Street car park so clean and tidy. High Street was moderately littered, as was the connecting road to Limerick.

Countess Road: Grade A. This residential road presented as a clean and tidy environment. It was excellent with regard to litter. There was hoarding at one property but it didn’t create a poor impression.

New Road: Grade B+. If it wasn’t for the food related litter (plastic bottles, sweet wrappers and chewing gum) outside both schools, this would have been a top-ranking site. This took away from an otherwise very well presented environment. There was a dog fouling notice directly outside the Holy Cross Mercy Primary School.

Recycle facility at New Street car park: Grade A. A clean and tidy recycle facility with recycle units and signage relating to usage in good condition. It was very good with regard to litter.

The town was deemed to be cleaner than European norms

Approach Road from Killorglin: Grade A. A very good route with minimal litter items. The overall impression was a positive one.

New Street: Grade A. A clean and tidy shopping environment. Some parts of the paving presented more attractively than other parts. Road surface, markings, signage and street bins were in good order. Chewing gum was pronounced on the footpath.

Plunkett Street: Grade A. The paving was of a different style than the other shopping streets – it presented very well along Plunkett Street. Bollards, shopfronts and general presentation was excellent and litter was minimal.

Courthouse and environs: Grade A. This was an excellent site in terms of presentation and litter. The area to the front – seating, bicycle parking, tree planting, etc – were all in excellent condition.

College Street: Grade A. Another very clean and tidy shopping environment in Killarney. There were no litter issues, except the presence of chewing gum, which was pronounced throughout Killarney.

Approach road from Cork: Grade A. Overall, an excellent route with minor and small items of litter.

High Street: Grade B+. High Street generally presented well but just missed getting the top litter grade due to the sweet wrappers, cigarette butts and chewing gum. Street bins were in good order.

Limerick-Killarney connecting road (M20-N21-N22-N23): Grade B. This road got Grade B status, but only just. It was a mixed route with some areas excellent (e.g. around Adare) and others much less so. The stretch between Limerick to Rathkeale was poor, particularly close to Rathkeale. The stretch near Newcastle West was generally good but the stretch between Milltown and Killarney had a definite litter presence.”

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