Killarney’s not so humble Abode

THE building previously known as the German Flats, in Aghadoe, Killarney, has been transformed into what is described as a new and innovative co-living property bringing a new dimension to living in Kerry.

Derek Twiss, owner and developer of Abode Killarney, with Michelle Rosney, curator, in the cinema space.
Pictures: Don MacMonagle

The urban co-living concept presents several solutions to life and work challenges in that it offers private living with community aspects and it enables individuals to immediately immerse themselves in a community. It is particularly suited for new arrivals to the area or those who are already situated here as it presents an alternative to conventional shared living.

Developer Derek Twiss, of Bond Street Investments, identified the solution co-living presented in an ever-changing property, work and living environment and recognised that this would be an excellent proposition in Killarney. He and his team have previously worked in the development of co-living properties in the UK and Ireland and he is confident that Killarney presents so many unique aspects that mirror the values of co-living.

Abode Killarney comprises of 12 contemporary and urban styled apartments, with a distinct retro-style running throughout the property. Each apartment has its own kitchen, dining area and living area and the bedrooms are designed to present different living options for those who wish to have their own room or for those who prefer to share.

There are communal spaces within the property and this is where the concept truly comes to life as community living is at the heart of the concept. Residents can enjoy a shared kitchen and dining area, cinema room, laundry, gym, co-working area and living area, all designed to the highest standard with the highest standards in terms of technology.

The cost for residents includes accommodation, utilities, secured living, secured parking, storage and access to all the communal aspects of Abode Killarney.

An architect’s impression of the finished development

“Abode Killarney offers a lifestyle solution for its residents who wish to live, work and play

differently. This mirrors the values of co-living throughout the world, It is a phenomenon that has grown significantly across the world as people become more mobile in their work and home lives,” said Derek Twis.

Michelle Rosney from Killarney will be the curator of Abode Killarney, a role that focuses on the community aspect of co-living and is at the heart of all that matters to the residents.

“From the moment a resident moves to Abode Killarney they are welcomed with a raft of community activities, fun challenges, and outings together. The focus is placed on individuals with shared values who embrace the community aspect co-living presents,” she said.

Abode Killarney will welcome its residents from March 1.

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