Kitchen offer ‘beyond belief and outrageous’

Cllr Jackie Healy-Rae: “It is outrageous”

A TENANT allocated a newly built house by Kerry County Council had advertised the kitchen of the property for sale on Facebook before they had even moved in, a meeting of Kerry County Council was told today.

Cllr Jackie Healy-Rae said the “brand new kitchen” was worth in the region of €2,000 but it was being offered for sale for just €600.

“It is beyond belief. It is outrageous,” Cllr Healy-Rae said.

“About €2,000 worth of stuff went into that kitchen but it is being sold for a pittance,” he added.

Cllr Healy-Rae, who said the bath and shower from the house were also advertised for sale, has called on the council to review the tenants’ handbook to ensure such behaviour can’t be repeated.

Cllr Terry O’Brien said, however, that he knows the family in question and that the kitchen offer was a genuine mistake.

While stressing that he didn’t condone what happened, he said they have a severely disabled child and they wanted to adapt the house themselves to suit their specific needs. The family feared they could be waiting months for a house if they said it needed adjustments.

“Don’t be so quick to condemn,” Cllr O’Brien said.