‘Let us journey together in the weeks ahead, supporting one another’

Bishop Ray Browne: “Let us journey together in the weeks ahead, supporting one another”

THE Bishop of Kerry has praised all those giving great and selfless service during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly those on the frontline in hospitals and in the community.

And he has urged people to unite in prayer and journey together, supporting one another, in the difficult weeks ahead.

Bishop Ray Browne also encouraged everyone to give a 100 per cent commitment to follow the recommendations of the experts because they know best.

“A word of appreciation for all who are giving great selfless service in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Think of all the medical and health staff, all the public services, think of the supermarkets and the pharmacies.

Supermarkets and pharmacies have been providing a great service

“In these most difficult times, the dedication of so many selfless, generous people inspires us all,” he said.

Bishop Browne also had a special word of praise for the volunteers and the good neighbours who have come to the aid of others by offering to do their grocery shopping or just by keeping in contact by phone.

“I pray for you all each day. Let us continue to pray for each other. Let us unite our prayers with all the prayers and Masses being celebrated by our priests in every parish.

“Let us journey together in the weeks ahead, supporting one another,” the bishop said.

“All of us are troubled and worried by Covid-19 – worried for ourselves, for our families, our loved ones; for our communities for our country. What will tomorrow bring?” he asked.

“God bless all of us as, together, we journey through the days and weeks ahead. God journeys with us. God bless especially the children and the elders among us. May we support one another in every way we can,” Bishop Browne said.

To ensure people to feel united rather than isolated, Bishop Browne suggested that people pause each Sunday morning at 11.00am and spend a few minutes in prayer or recite or a decade of the Rosary each day.

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