Light a candle of hope at the family dinner table

Bishop Ray Browne has appealed for prayers for doctors, nurses and all frontline workers who are performing so heroically

THE Bishop of Kerry has asked people in the diocese to light a candle at the family dinner table this Easter to celebrate Holy Week and to help everybody to get through the difficult weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said Church ceremonies will be held, without a congregation, at the traditional times in the parishes and that the priests will be celebrating on behalf of all parishioners.

“I invite you to take a few moments at that time each day to unite with them in prayer. Although Holy Week is different this year, we can all still celebrate it fully in our hearts,” Bishop Ray Browne said.

“God bless you all in all your needs. The pandemic has brought dark times but the light of Easter, Christ our Light, is our hope,” he added.

The bishop has asked people to light a candle at the dinner table

Bishop Browne urged the people to pray for strength, courage and endurance for all amid Covid-19 and he asked for prayers to be offered:

  • for ourselves and our loved ones.
  • for those who are a great age or have already serious health issues.
  • for those who have died in recent days and their grieving loved ones.
  • for doctors, nurses and all frontline workers who are performing so heroically. Many have their own worrying situations within their own families.

“This Holy Week may God give to all of us the virtues of courage, selflessness and endurance whatever the pandemic may bring to our communities,” the bishop stated.

“Every Easter Sunday is special. This Easter Sunday light a candle at the family dinner table to symbolise your love and trust in Jesus Christ in all things. He is our strength through these difficult weeks of the pandemic,” Bishop Browne remarked.

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