Mairead’s poetic licence to make sense of rain

Mairéad O’Sullivan whose poem in included in the new anthology

A POEM inspired by torrential rain at the funeral of her uncle has earned a talented Killarney writer inclusion in an anthology of poems concerning people’s engagement with their surroundings.

Local Wonders, published by Dedalus Press and edited by Pat Boran, features ‘Graveside Rain: May 2021’ which is penned by local writer Mairéad O’Sullivan.

She wrote it after attending her uncle’s funeral and it suggests how rain can be seen as a positive force, especially in agriculture, as her uncle was a farmer.

“I’m very excited to be included in this publication among so many brilliant poets, including Paula Meehan and Gabriel Rosenstock,” said Mairead who has an MA in Anthropology and Development from Maynooth University.

She completed her thesis on food and agriculture, focusing particularly on current conversations around sustainability and locality and how people engage with these ideas.

“Poems have an emotional impulse and I think I had to make the rain make sense. I felt it couldn’t rain that much for no reason, especially at a funeral,” Mairead said.

“It’s a way of looking at the world, I suppose, and trying to pay your respects in the way that you can”.

Local Wonders, published on Wednesday, is available from dedaluspress.com and bookshops.