‘They make their pilgrimage home again with our old friend Sam Maguire’

GIFTED and prolific Killarney poet Tim Buckley has been quick out of the starting blocks with a tribute to the great Kerry team and a look ahead to the All-Ireland final clash with five-in-a-row seeking Dublin in Croke Park on September 1.

Tim (pictured), whose family owns the Arbutus Hotel in Killarney, knows his football and he has glimpsed into his crystal ball to conjure up what, for Kerry supporters at least, would be a dream outcome on the big day with a last minute goal winning it for the Kingdom and spoiling the relentless drive for five.

Kerry versus Dublin All-Ireland Final 2019

Come all ye bold and gallant heroes
Who wear the green and gold
A jersey earned with skill and courage
Just like those gallant men of old
The Paddy Bawns, the Cleeney Lynes
O’Connell and Dwyer
That answered calls
As they fielded balls
To bring home Sam Maguire.

Now we’re in the final
Having beat Cork, Mayo, Tyrone
The team are young and brave enough
To claim again the throne
Just Dublin stand in the way
As they go for the five-in-a-row
But the men who wear
The green and gold
Have a trick or two to show.

Moran stands in centre field
To claim the dropping ball
While the Kerry backs
Are on their game
And the Dublin forwards stall.
O’Brien, Seanie Shea and Geaney
Put the ball straight between the posts
As they find their range in Croker
And the Dublin backs they roast.

Then young Clifford comes of age
As he rattles Cluxton with a goal
While Sherwood scores another
When a Dublin kick-out stole
The Dubs they have no answers
With the whistle for half-time
The Kerry lads are up for robbery
With first-half victory their only crime.

The second half is under way
Kerry three points to the good
But Dublin pile on the pressure
Just like we knew they would
Fenton, Rock and Connolly
Score without reply
And each Kerry attack seem to falter
No matter how hard they try.

Dublin then go two ahead
The game’s in the melting pot
And the subs come off the bench
Walsh and Spillane both have a shot
Ball goes wide under pressure
With just five minutes of extra time
Looks like the Dubs are safe
With the five-in-a-row on the line.

But Kerry look determined, they wait
Until the fat lady sings her song
And Tadhg Morley solos up the line
Passes to Murphy who can do no wrong
A quick pass on to Clifford
who’s fouled, advantage played
He finds a gaping hole,
then, a perfect pass is laid
On to Crowley, with a minute left to go
And the ball lands in the Dublin net
Before the final whistle blow.

Jaysus lads, what a game
What a story to unfold
That will lend another chapter
To those men in green and gold
That have given us more joy than sorrows
Given back to the parishes
Where they learnt about passion and desire
As they make their pilgrimage home again
With our old friend Sam Maguire.

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